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How Long It Takes to Build a Superyacht

The Time it Takes to Build a Superyacht

Wow! Have you seen the latest yachts? You may have asked yourself just how long it takes to build a superyacht. In today’s time, there are a variety of yachts available across the world. They come in different forms and sizes and have numerous specifications and features. With so many options available, buying a luxury motor yacht that perfectly suits your interest may seem a bit puzzling. So, what do you do when you can’t decide between a foldout platform on one yacht and multiple swimming pools on another? The answer here is simple. You build a superyacht that has both, and more! 

Building your superyacht gives you the flexibility and the freedom to decide what you want to include in it. Although, getting a yacht custom-built takes a good amount of time. But that shouldn’t discourage you from going for it. A little wait to get the best for yourself is always worth it. 

Building a Superyacht Depends on Many Factors

So, how long does it take to build a superyacht? It majorly depends on the size of the yacht, the features and specifications, and the interior, among other factors. But on average, it takes anywhere between two and four years to build one. Dilbar, one of the largest yachts in the world, took well over four years to build. 

Superyacht Building Design

There are several stages in the process and quite a few people are involved in each of them. Every individual stage can take a different amount of time to finish. You may first need to get in touch with a naval architect and a designer to go over the designs and select the one that fits your interests. While the naval architect will help you out with the exterior of your yacht, a designer is needed to do the interior. It can take a few months for you to finalize the designs. However, you might want to make some changes to the design during the construction. 

And for the construction to begin, you need to find a shipyard. Shipyards usually sell their own, predesigned yachts. But they also build custom yachts for clients. The best way to find a suitable shipyard would be to get in touch with a yacht broker. Brokers know the ins and outs of the industry. And, they can help you significantly with finding a good match. Besides, you will also need to hire a lawyer to look into the contract and the taxes involved. Just designing the yacht could take months, although the architect might come up with a good exterior in a shorter time. Designing the interior usually takes longer to get it just right. That’s because it is an integral part of the boat where you are bound to spend a lot of time during your cruise. 

2 to 4 Years to Build a Superyacht

And finally, you can leave it to the shipyard to finish the construction. Depending on the size and the intricacy of the design, you can have your hands on the completed yacht in about two to four years. Meanwhile, you can make frequent visits to see how your yacht is turning out, and make any required changes.

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