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Best 10 Motor Yacht Charter Destinations

Yacht Charter Destinations

So you’ve finally decided to make one of many luxury motor yacht charter destinations available a reality. Awesome! Try before buying a luxury motor yacht. Especially if you only sail occasionally. It gives the same experience and a better understanding of the best size for your family. And more than the yacht, it is the destination that makes your sails memorable. Even though there are a lot of destinations to choose from, here are 10 of the best destinations that you might want to consider for your next cruise. 

Luxurious Monaco Yacht Charter Destination 

Monaco is the superstar for a yacht charter destination. Located along the Meditteranean Sea, it brings in the glitterati from around the world, mainly to have a fun time on yachts. Visit Monaco around the time of the famous “Formula One” race at the Monaco circuit by the coast. Just park your yacht and enjoy the race. You might even spot a few celebrities, too! Monaco is considered one of Europe’s most luxurious resorts still today.

Amalfi Coast 

The Amalfi Coast is known for its picture-perfect spots, vineyards, and lemon groves. It is situated at the mouth of the Valle Dei Mulini, located along the Meditteranean Sea. Along with stunning towns and 50 kilometers of shoreline, you can also visit the beautiful Capri Town, one of Italy’s prized possessions. Amalfi is Italy’s oldest maritime republic.


Croatia is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the coral reefs, explore the underwater caves and the many fishing villages. Europe is known for its rich heritage and its historical sites across the country. And it is rightly visible while sailing in Croatia as well. The Croatian coastline has a lot of historic ruins, and the islands are close to each other, making it easy for you to visit them. 


Another great destination for sailing, and island hopping, is Greece. And, it’s one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourists. One-fifth of the total land area of Greece is made up of the Greek Islands which are a sailor’s paradise. Greece is made up of over 2000 islands! You can cruise in the Ionian Sea and visit many famous independent islands like the Zakynthos Islands or Mykonos. 


If you like a calm and peaceful yachting experience, then Sardinia is the perfect destination for you. Compared to some, Sardinia is a large island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy a good view of the white beaches along the northern coast of Sardinia. And if you are someone who likes sailing in winter, you can sail to Alghero and Cagliari in Sardinia for some fun time! 

Balearic Islands 

The Balearic Islands are located east of the Spanish mainland. It is the perfect place if you love both mountains, white sand beaches, and azure blue water. North of the islands is the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. A view to behold from your yacht. You can also visit some of the famous islands like Mallorca and Ibiza. 

Galapagos Islands Yacht Charter

The best way to view the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean is by boat, or better yet, from a yacht. It is the destination of many sites and activities. You can enjoy snorkeling on Floreana or watch whale sharks, hammerheads, and killer whales. Especially if you visit the Wolf and Darwin Islands. Catch a glimpse of the Giant Tortoise, sea lions, and the Blue-Footed Booby.


The Caribbean boasts some untouched beaches and is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico. A popular island, Montserat, is a British territory. It is called the “Emerald Isle of the Caribbean” because it resembles Ireland. Just like the Galapagos, you can enjoy snorkeling and deep-sea dives in the Caribbean. 


Norway, a Scandinavian country, gives you a unique yacht cruising experience between the mountains. You will find several islands that are great for hiking. You can also visit Bergen city which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also, enjoy the magical view of its beautiful valleys and peaks. Be sure to check out the Viking Ships at Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum.

French Riviera Superyacht Charter

One of the best places for sailing is the French Riviera. Surrounded by glamourous coasts and beaches, the French Riviera on France’s southeast corner makes for one of many perfect yacht charter destinations. It also gives you access to famous beach resorts like Saint-Tropez and Cannes. According to the Côte d’Azur Economic Development Agency, the Riviera hosts 50 percent of the world’s superyachts and 90 percent of all superyachts visiting the region’s coast at least once during their lifetime. (Wikipedia)

Moreover, a good destination can make your Motor Yacht Charter experience memorable. But it is also extremely important to keep boating safety tips in mind. Ensuring safety on board will let you enjoy your charter vacation in peace.

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